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The Best Fish In Pakistan To Keep In Your Aquarium

Pakistanis, like people in many other countries, have a strong connection to their pets, be they fish, reptiles, or any other animals. In terms of underwater life, Pakistani people fill their enormous, beautiful tanks with different types of fish species.

Pakistanis have access to a wide variety of fish, including those that are found locally in the country, as well as other fish that are imported from all over the world for highly fascinated aquarium owners.

Top 7 Fish To Keep In Your Aquarium

Here are seven popular and the best fish in Pakistan for your home aquariums, based on their ease of care, tolerance with other fish, and physical attraction:


1. Goldfish

The goldfish, an incredible type of widely popular freshwater fish, can reach lengths of up to 14 inches in its natural environment. Some wild goldfish have a 25-year lifespan or greater.

Goldfish will grow happily in an aquarium that is at least 20 gallons in size. These fish require ongoing care, such as weekly filter changes and water changes. There are many different kinds, sizes, colours, and forms of goldfish.

2. Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra is a small, slender, low-maintenance fish that is perfect for beginners to keep. Neon Tetra only reaches a length of 2.2 cm, thus they do not grow very long. They are renowned for being an extremely tranquil and peaceful breed.

They thrive in groups and in aquariums furnished with plants, rocks, and other hiding places. The vivid red stripes that run the length of their bodies make Neon Tetra easily recognizable.

3. Mollies

Similar to Mahseer fish in beauty, Mollies are also beautiful freshwater fish that are effortless to care for because they are small and very calm. Mollies are omnivores, meaning they can consume both plants and other animals, and they can grow to be 3 to 4 inches long.

Unlike other fish, this creature gives birth to its offspring, which makes it cool as compared to others.

4. Angelfish

Angelfish belong to the Cichlid family and can reach lengths of up to 6 inches and heights of up to 8 inches. They are exquisite and available in a variety of colours and patterns.

You should avoid giving them little fish as they can consume both plants and other animals, such as shrimp and tiny insects. Angelfish should ideally be kept in an aquarium with no other fish because they can be aggressive and violent. 

5. Guppies

Another fish species that is ideal for new fish owners is guppies. They are very simple to take care of, but if the genders aren’t kept apart, they will quickly start breeding like Mahseer. Males are more colourful than females, and they come in a variety of colours.

The reason guppies are so loved is that they have vibrant identities and can adjust to different types of water. It is essential to maintain a constant water temperature of between 50°F and 84°F (10-29°C) to ensure their happy living in their aquariums.

6. Zebra Danio

The Zebra Danio, which normally reaches a maximum size of 5 to 7 cm, is a small, easy-to-maintain fish that is ideal for beginners. They must be kept in groups since they are schooling fish; otherwise, they would become extremely nervous.

Zebra Danios can be given regular fish flake meals, but we suggest adding some variety to their diet. They enjoy eating worms, insects, and crustaceans. Because these fish are known to jump out of aquariums, make sure your tank is covered.

7. Rainbowfish

Another rare but easily manageable fish is the rainbowfish. Their bright colours don’t really come out until they reach adulthood and maturity. Still, with the right upkeep and care, it’s definitely worth the wait.

Although they might be rather shy, these fish get along well with other fish in their aquariums most of the time.


Fish lovers in Pakistan can choose from a wide variety of fish species, each with their own unique features and care demands. Goldfish are admired for their size and strength but beginners should start with neon tetras and zebra danios. Guppies and mollies offer interesting behaviours and bright colours. Even though they are beautiful, angelfish can be aggressive, so handling them requires additional care. Similarly, rainbowfish offer a pleasing experience with their beautiful colours that change over time. Every one of these species can grow in a clean and tidy aquarium.



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