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Best Fish Aquarium Shops In Pakistan

Pakistanis, like individuals in many other countries, develop a close bond with their pets, whether they are fish, reptiles, or other creatures. In terms of aquatic life, Pakistani people stock their massive, attractive tanks with various fish species.

Pakistanis have access to different types of fish, including those found domestically in the country as well as fish imports from all over the globe for highly interested aquarium users.

Having fish in an aquarium is an enjoyable activity for both children and adults. Children like seeing fish through the aquarium’s glass walls, which also serves as a terrific learning opportunity. Watching the swimming fish in an aquarium can help adults lower their tension.

However, as with any other pet, maintaining fish as a pet is a significant responsibility. That is why, when you buy a fish tank, you should think about everything – from installing an aquarium at home to routine care – to keep the undersea community happy. Let’s look at several of the finest ways to look after a fish aquarium.

Explore Pakistan's Best Fish Aquarium Shops

Here are some of the top fish aquarium shops in different cities across Pakistan:

1. Aqua World, Karachi

Aqua World, located in the vibrant city of Karachi, serves as an example for aquarium lovers. This well-known company not only sells a large range of freshwater and marine fish, but it also specializes in customized aquarium design.

Whether you are seeking uncommon fish species, excellent supplies, or expert guidance on aquarium maintenance, Aqua World’s educated team is always there to help. Their dedication to client satisfaction and enthusiasm for aquatic life make it a popular choice among local enthusiasts.

2. Coral Reef, Islamabad

Coral Reef, based in Islamabad, specializes in marine aquariums and reef habitats. Coral Reef, known for its stunning coral specimens and unusual marine animals, is a popular destination for saltwater fans looking to construct bright and healthy underwater landscapes.

Coral Reef’s skilled team provides essential insights into reef protection and healthy fishkeeping practices, cementing its place in the Islamabad aquarium world.

3. Pet Mall, Lahore

The Pet Mall in Lahore is distinguished for its varied selection of aquatic animals, which includes freshwater fish, plants, and supplies. This large and well-stocked business caters to a variety of tastes, from typical community tanks to creative aquascapes and planted aquariums.

The Pet Mall’s focus on customer happiness and education guarantees that every visitor receives expert guidance on fish care, water parameters, and aquarium management.

4. Ocean Aquarium, Karachi

Ocean Aquarium, located in the centre of Karachi, is known for its diverse collection of freshwater and marine species. The business has a competent staff who are happy to help customers with their questions, whether they are new or experienced aquarists.

They provide a vast range of fish aquarium materials, including filtration systems and ornamental features, making it an ideal location for all things aquatic.

5. Exotic Fish & Pets, Rawalpindi

Exotic Fishes & Pets, based in Rawalpindi, is well-known for its diverse collection of exotic fish species and uncommon aquatic plants. This boutique-style shop offers a boutique experience, including personal counselling and custom aquarium layouts.

Exotic Fishes & Pets caters to sophisticated hobbyists seeking unique fish species and elaborate aqua equipment.

6. Aqua Vision, Multan

Aqua Vision in Multan is a must-see for freshwater and marine aquarium fans. Aqua Vision is well-known for its magnificent showcase tanks and excellent aquatic stock, providing a stimulating shopping experience.

Their skilled staff offers expert advice on water quality, fish compatibility, and aquatic landscaping techniques, ensuring that each consumer can design a beautiful and profitable aquarium.

Tips For Maintaining A Fish Aquarium

As a general guideline, a larger fish tank is preferable because it provides the fish with a more natural habitat. In this article, we’ll talk about how to set up your aquarium and how to keep your fish tank clean. Before we get into the many suggestions for maintaining a fish aquarium, we must first look at the supplies required for a fish aquarium in-house.

Basic Items Needed For A Fish Aquarium

  • Glass fish tank.
  • Appropriate stand, if needed.
  • The gravel was completely cleansed.
  • Three-stage filtration method.
  • The lighting
  • Siphon cleaning apparatus and a fish net.
  • Attractive plants.
  • Heating element, if you have tropical fish.
  • The water conditioner dechlorinated tap water to render it safe for fish.
  • Fish Food
  • When you have the things listed above, it is important to set up the fish tank.


Whether you’re a beginner trying to establish your first aquarium or an experienced hobbyist hunting for rare species, Pakistan has a variety of outstanding aquarium shops to suit your preferences and demands. These businesses not only provide excellent seafood and supplies, but they also cultivate a sense of community among fishers. Visiting these stores is more than just purchasing aquatic pets; it is also a trip of exploration and admiration for the wonders of underwater life.



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