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Reasonable Fighter Fish Price In Pakistan

A popular choice for freshwater aquariums worldwide, betta fish (Betta splendens), commonly known as Siamese fighting fish, are prized for their stunning colorations, diverse fin forms, and low maintenance requirements. A wonderful and engaging species to start with if you want to raise ornamental fish as a hobby are bettas.

More than seventy varieties of bettas have been carefully cultivated for particular characteristics, such as color, pattern, and fin appearance.

Why Betta Fish Is Called Fighter Fish?

During the 1800s, individuals in Malaysia and Thailand gathered wild bettas and used them as betting chips in competitions. Plakat bettas and other domesticated bettas are bred for more aggression and extended playtime.

King Siam became interested in these bouts because of their popularity, and he began to control and tax the events. The first known description of these fish, published in 1840, was provided by Theodore Edward Cantor, a Danish surgeon. He named the fish Macropodus pugnax.

Appearance Of Fighter Fish


One of the most well-known aquarium fish is the male betta, which has long, flowing fins and striking coloring. The fins of females are often significantly shorter and less colorful. This species is typically not very colorful in the wild.

However, a vast spectrum of colors, including white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, green, turquoise, brown, and black, have been produced by captive breeding efforts. One can observe a wide range of combinations, including solid colors, colors with varying fin and body tones, and patterned colors.

With a raised mouth designed for eating at the surface, both sexes have a torpedo-shaped body. When fully grown, adults can measure two to three inches in length, with females being marginally smaller than males. This species is special because it has a labyrinth organ that lets it absorb oxygen from the atmosphere rather than the water, which enables it to live in low-oxygen pools.

Price Of Fighter Fish In Pakistan

The price of fighter fish may vary on different factors such as color, gender, and size here are some prices according to these factors:

  • Commonly found fighter fish: PKR 300 to PKR 500
  • Fancy Fighter fish: PKR 500 to PKR 1500
  • Rarely fighter fish: PKR 1500 to PKR 5000

The prices can fluctuate on location and availability.

Fish Tanks For Fighter Fish

Fighter fish need to be kept in an environment that closely resembles their natural habitat to be happy and healthy. When maintaining a betta in a habitat inside your home, the most important thing to do is to recreate its natural habitat.

When deciding whether to keep a fighter, a spacious enclosure should be taken into account. A single betta requires a minimum enclosure size of 10 gallons. You can keep a lot of extra fish and decorative enrichment for betta fish in 20-gallon tanks.

Every fighter fish needs roughly five gallons of space, depending on how many you keep in an enclosure. For your betta, decorated tanks with driftwood and rocks can create a fantastic ecology. Fighter fish should not be kept in bowls.

A tiny aquarium is insufficient to support the growth of your betta fish. Actually, for betta fish to be healthy, a tank needs to have at least 2 cubic feet of room. It is preferable to have a larger tank. Maintain clean, but not sterile, water for your betta fish. For your fish to stay healthy, the water must support the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

Tankmates For Fighter Fish

Males in the tank cannot be kept together unless separators are present. Generally speaking, keeping several ladies together won’t cause any issues. As long as they are little and not fin-nipping varieties like tiger barbs, many females or one male can be kept alongside other peaceful fish species.

Nutrition For Fighter Fish

Fish meal flakes are fine for other pet fish, but betta fish won’t tolerate this. They forage for insects in the wild. To give betta fish the precise nutrients they require, special pellets have been created. Additionally, veterinarians advise you to add goodies to their food, such as:

  • Dried tubifex worms by freezing
  • Bloodworm larvae in Mosquitoes
  • Shrimp in brine

Lifespan Of Fighter Fish

A betta fish can live for five to seven years. A few of the oldest known betta fish reached the age of ten. When bettas are maintained in optimal conditions and receive the right care, their longevity can be optimized. Bettas that are not properly cared for are more prone to illness or disease. This may significantly reduce their durability.


Depending on the kind and quality of the fish, the cost of fighting fish, also known as betta fish, varies greatly in Pakistan. For those who can make sure their betta fish have a spacious tank with the correct kind of fish companions, they make wonderful pets. Recall to feed your fish a diet strong in protein and to keep male betta fish apart. As long as they have room to move around and explore in their tank, these fish are stunning to see and relatively simple to care for.



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