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Top Restaurants Serving Best-grilled Fish In Karachi

The vibrant city of Karachi, which lies close to the Arabian Sea, is well-known for its extensive culinary heritage. Because of the city’s proximity to open waters, practically every Karachiite considers seafood to be a staple of their diet. This is the reason that Karachi’s seafood offerings are so well-known.

Prepare yourself for a delectable tour through the center of Karachi, where a seafood lover’s paradise meets the sea. We are revealing the locations of Karachi’s top seafood restaurants.

Restaurants Serving The Best Grilled Fish

Here are the top restaurants serving the best grilled fish in Karachi:


1. Mamu Fish Grill

A well-known seafood restaurant in Karachi, Mamu Fish Grill Original is well-known for its delicious, freshly made seafood meals. It’s a well-liked location for seafood lovers searching for mouthwatering grilled fish and prawns on Tariq Road.

A distinctive marinade of olive oil and coconut milk is used to prepare a range of seafood items on the menu, such as Red Snapper (Heera), Surmai, Pomfret, and prawns, all of which have a more flavorful appearance. Particularly commended for their flavor and freshness are the restaurant’s grilled prawns and fish.​

The outstanding quality of the meal more than makes up for the limited and maybe uncomfortable seating arrangements. For those who would prefer a more private dining experience, the restaurant offers a small family room in addition to a table and chair sitting outside. For those who enjoy seafood, Mamu Fish Grill Original is a must-visit place in Karachi since it provides an excellent eating experience along with delectable fish.

2. Rashid Seafood

In Keamari, Karachi, Rashid Seafood is a reputable seafood restaurant that is well-known for its assortment of fresh seafood meals. Located in a busy neighborhood well-known for its seafood options—Mules Street, East Wharf, Keamari, Karachi—is Rashid Seafood.

A large variety of seafood meals are available at the restaurant, such as grilled fish (such as red snapper and mushka fish), fried tilapia, prawn karahi, and fish karahi. Their seafood recipes that are grilled or barbecued are especially well-known. Customers may even bring their fish to be prepared in any way they choose.

Despite the large number of patrons, Rashid Seafood’s service is generally well-regarded, with staff members being attentive. However, during busy hours, wait times may increase. Considering the caliber and freshness of the fish, the rates are thought to be fair. For example, a dinner for two usually comes to about PKR 2600. Rashid Seafood is a fantastic choice for satisfying late-night seafood appetites because it is open daily from 5:00 PM to 3:00 AM.

3. Gills On Grills

Gills on Grill specializes in seafood, especially its Lahori Fish Biscuits and Fish & Chips, which are well-known for their exquisite flavor and moderately hot temperatures. They have a selection of freshly caught and well-prepared seafood selections.

The restaurant offers a relaxed and welcoming eating experience. Although there isn’t much seating, seafood enthusiasts appreciate it because of the excellent food and service. In addition, Gills on Grill provides delivery and takeout options for customers who would rather eat at home.


At Gills on Grill, meals are moderately priced on average; individual portions range from PKR 645 to PKR 945, taxes excluded. This makes it a cost-effective choice for premium seafood. Gills on Grill can be found in Defence Housing Authority, Phase 6 (Bukhari Commercial Area), Karachi. Their regular business hours are 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM, with a little extension on Fridays and weekends.

4. Hot N Spicy

Situated in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, next to Aladin Amusement Park, Hot N Spicy is a popular choice for reasonably priced, delicious fish dishes. They provide options to suit the tastes of any fish fan, including grilled fish, fish & chips, and fish tikka. In addition to their seafood, their biryani scenes are also delicious.

It’s a favorite place for people who are in the mood for a fish feast because of its reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. At Hot N Spicy, we pride ourselves on being economical and authentic. Therefore, Hot N Spicy is the place to go if you’re looking for a fishy adventure that won’t break the bank!

5. Akram Fish Point

Operating since 1984, Akram Fish Point is a well-known seafood restaurant in Karachi. It can be found at Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, at Block 13/B, Plot SB-11 Darul Furqan Apartment Shop Nos. 3 and 4. The eatery is easily accessible from Nipa Chowrangi towards Hassan Square and is located across from Bait ul Maqarram Masjid.

Meals with different types of fish are available at Akram Fish Point, with their well-known Grilled Fish and Prawns Koyla Karahi being one of the standout offerings. They are well-known for serving tasty, freshly caught seafood that is prepared with a special spice combination that both locals and tourists alike.

The restaurant offers delivery, takeout, and dine-in choices in addition to its regular menu. In addition, they feature an outdoor dining area and cater events. Walk-ins are also accepted, however reservations are preferred. A dinner there often costs between PKR 450 and PKR 665 per person, which makes it a reasonably priced option for excellent seafood.


The best-grilled fish restaurants in Karachi are distinguished not just by their exceptional cooking but also by their unwavering dedication to flavor and quality. These restaurants create dishes that please both residents and tourists by deftly fusing contemporary grilling methods with regional culinary traditions. Their delicately grilled fish reflects the colorful food culture of Karachi with each bite embodying a harmony of textures and spices. These restaurants guarantee a remarkable culinary trip via their mastery of grilled fish, making them must-visit locations for seafood aficionados in the city, regardless of whether you’re looking for an intimate setting or a waterfront dining experience.



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