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Guide To Seasonal Fish In Pakistan: What To Eat And When

Eating according to the seasons is popular since fruits and vegetables vary in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. Seasonal cycles are also observed in fish and seafood, which are impacted by human controls, migration patterns, and natural breeding.

We can eat fish and seafood that is either fresh or frozen thanks to modern food production, but it’s crucial to recognize the seasons and purchase in-season food to support sustainability. The most popular types of fish in Pakistan, along with information on when and where they are in season, are listed below.

Famous Seasonal Fish In Pakistan

Given below are some famous seasonal fish found in Pakistan:

1. Salmon

The most popular fish in Pakistan is salmon, which is imported and hence always frozen, eliminating the influence of seasonality. The season varies in length and location, although it typically lasts from late March until early December.

Around the world, salmon are extensively farmed as they are vital fish food. They are highly valued by anglers who fish both fresh and saltwater. The early summer months until the end of the year are the greatest times to purchase salmon.

2. Mahi Mahi

Mahi-mahi is incredibly slender and contains very few calories and fat. Whether baked, grilled, roasted, or fried, this fish will come out tasting fantastic. Serve it with acidic marinades or heated spices for an even greater flavour.

You may select from the readily available frozen fish to eat from the market even when it’s difficult for you to obtain fresh fish. Its peak season is March to October. This tropical fish can be somewhat expensive due to its limited supply.

3. Tuna

Tuna has a mushy, oily texture and a moderate flavour. Although there are many different kinds of tuna, albacore, and bluefin are the two most frequently used fatty fish in Pakistan. Due to its high protein content and low fat content, tuna is a great addition to your meals.

While Pacific bluefin tuna are in season from May to October, Atlantic bluefin tuna are in season from June to November. The season for albacore tuna runs from July to October.

4. Mackerel

Popular in tropical waters, king mackerel is inexpensive and good for your health because of its solid texture and flavour. It tastes oily, but it can be pan-seared, grilled, or deep-fried. It goes nicely with green beans, pasta, and sandwiches. Mackerel peak season is from November to March.

5. Swordfish

Broadbills, also known as swordfish, are popular fish in tropical and temperate waters with a long, flat bill. Despite being difficult to capture, they are highly sought after due to their hard, thick, meaty, and oily texture.

Swordfish are often sold as steaks for searing, grilling, or cubing. The season varies in length and location, although it typically lasts from late June until early October.

Tips For Purchasing Seasonal Fish In Pakistan

Here are some tips to help you Purchase seasonal fish in Pakistan:

1. Check Freshness Of The Fish

Always make sure that the fish is fresh before purchasing. Bright red gills, firm, glossy flesh, and clear eyes are all characteristics of fresh fish. It should also have a gentle sea-like scent rather than a strong fishy aroma.

2. Ask About Fishing Method

Find out the location and method of the fish’s catching. Sustainable fishing methods contribute to the preservation of marine habitats and fish populations. Verify information or inquire about the origins of the fisherman.

3. Buy Whole Fish

Purchasing entire fish rather than fillets allows you to carefully examine it for any indication of freshness. Furthermore, whole fish can be more affordable and is frequently more nutritious.


Fish are subjected to seasonal eating, as they are impacted by human constraints, natural breeding, and migration patterns. Understanding that fish is seasonal, we can help sustainability and enjoy fresher, more flavorful products by buying seafood that is in season. Because of imports, mahi-mahi is most popular in Pakistan from March to October, whereas salmon is popular all year round. Seasons for different types of tuna, such as albacore, Pacific bluefin, and Atlantic bluefin, run from May to November. Swordfish is at its peak from June to October, and mackerel from November to March. To guarantee the highest quality, look for signs of freshness, find out about environmentally friendly fishing practices, and think about purchasing whole fish so you can inspect it and get a better deal.



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